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December - 2016
8,  Thu--T-O-D-A-Y-
13,  Tue-Cruisin' U's chapter gathering -- Golden Corral, Highway 231 On the circle, Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
15,  Thu-AL- Chapter F (Chappies Montgomery)
KSU4pm Hardees Ozark
23,  Fri-Breakfast Buffet (Chipley FL)
KSU 6AM Chevron 52W Brannon Stand Road
25,  Sun-Christmas
26,  Mon-Christmas Holiday

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Members and their Bikes

Members and their Bikes

Ray Collier - Motorcycle Museum
Howard Calhoun - Sweetheart Ride
Billy Stum - Motorist Awareness Day
Gary Morris - Motorist Awareness Day
Ron Alexander - ARC Troy University Dothan
Ron you have a Headlight out!
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Cruisin' U's chapter gathering -- Golden Corral, Highway 231 On the circle, Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
December - 2016
1,  Thu-Freddy Martin & Gena Faye King Anniversary
6,  Tue-Paula Cunningham's Birthday
 -Ruth Sistrunk's Birthday
12,  Mon-Roy Collier's Birthday
16,  Fri-Debbie Baxley's Birthday
21,  Wed-Yvonne Ottensman's Birthday
 -Ray  & Joan Collier Anniversary
23,  Fri-Jim Cunningham's Birthday
27,  Tue-Duane Wilson's Birthday
31,  Sat-Elnoria Thompson's Birthday
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Safety Tips

Double Check

The following article is reprinted from GWRRA Motorist Awareness Division.

Space Cushioning

"Motorcyclists, who have significant room to maneuver while riding within a traffic lane, can use this margin to position themselves for maximum visibility to other motorists with safety and control of the situation." (NAMS, 2001)

Why Double Check?
  • About 3/4 of motorcycle accidents involve another motor vehicle.
  • Two-thirds of these accidents were caused by the motorist failing to yield the right of way.
  • The most common reason given by the motorist is, “I didn’t see the motorcycle.”
Why don't motorists see Motorcyclists?
  • Motorists, for the most part, are unfamiliar with motorcycles.
  • Motorists tend to look for and see the familiar - other motorists.
  • Motorcycles have a much smaller profile than vehicles; therefore, judging speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle is more difficult.
Where Are Accidents most likely to occur?
  • LEFT TURNS - Over 40% of all motorcycle accidents occur at intersections.
  • VEHICLE BLIND SPOT - Motorcyclists are often hidden in a vehicles blind spot or missed in a quick look due to their size.


  • Expect to see motorcyclists.  Look twice!
  • Try to anticipate a motorcyclist's movements - be especially cautious at intersections and during lane changes.  "Take a second - Double check!"
  • Allow more space between your vehicle an a motorcyclist than you would for another vehicle.  "Ride aware!"
  • Be courteous - signal your intentions well in advance.

Remember - "How many motorcyclists have you seen today?  LOOK TWICE"

Submitted by Fred Rattan.

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