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On behalf of our Senior Chapter Directors Bruce & Eileen Williamson and our staff, I want to welcome you to the Cruisin-U's of the Wiregrass area in Southeastern Alabama.. We hope that through this page you will get to know a little more about our organization, find out who some of us are, pass along some helpful tips, but most of all show you how much fun we have riding and spending time with each other. So kick back, lock that cruise control down, and use the onboard navigation system at the top of the page to get around.

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Current Events, Birthdays and Anniversaries


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Members and their Bikes

Members and their Bikes

Ray Collier - Motorcycle Museum
Howard Calhoun - Sweetheart Ride
Billy Stum - Motorist Awareness Day
Gary Morris - Motorist Awareness Day
Ron Alexander - ARC Troy University Dothan
Ron you have a Headlight out!
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Safety Tips

Riding in Traffic

Be noticed
Make sure drivers and pedestrians can see you, even from a distance. Ride with your high beam on during the day (as a courtesy, turn it off when sitting behind someone at a light), and wear brightly colored gear, especially your helmet and jacket. Aerostich’s Hi Vis yellow suits and jackets aren’t just hugely conspicuous, they’ve also become fashionable, so now you don’t have an excuse.

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