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October - 2016
24,  Mon--T-O-D-A-Y-
27,  Thu-GWRRA Region A Rally (Thru Saturday) -- 27-29 Oct (Eufaula KSU 8 AM Hardees Ozark)
28,  Fri-Rider Ed Seminar Region A Rally -- 10am (Eufaula Al )
29,  Sat-Active Shooter Seminar Region A Rally -- 10am (Eufaula Al)
November - 2016
1,  Tue-GWRRA Chapter G (Po Folks Enterprise AL )
3,  Thu-November Business Meeting (TBD)
5,  Sat-GWRRA-AL-M -- Cruisin-U's KSU 3PM Central Hardee's Ozark (Buffet City Phoenix City AL  )
Meeting 6PM Eastern Timre
7,  Mon-GWRRA-FL-1-L  Po Folks (Panama City FL)
KSU 3 PM Chevron Hwy 52 & Brannon Stand
8,  Tue-Cruisin' U's chapter gathering -- Golden Corral, Highway 231 On the circle, Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
11,  Fri-Veterans' Day (Armistice Day)

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ARC Training Troy University DOTHAN

ARC Course taught at
Troy University (Dothan Campus)

Rider Ed course will be taught at Troy University

Dothan Campus
Dothan Campus
ARC  -  November 5. 

Troy University Dothan Click the link for directions
The address is:
500 University Drive
Dothan, AL  36303

The course is free for Alabama GWRRA Members; however we must require a check for $25 to hold your slot

(The $25 check will be returned to you at the beginning of the course uncashed unless you are a no show)
(The $25 check will be returned to you at the beginning of the course uncashed unless you are a no show)

To register for either course send via snail mail the check mentioned above with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • GWRRA number(s)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

Send this to:

James Clayson
1183 S Hwy 123
Ozark, AL 36360

On the day of the event Please bring the following:

  • Driver's License with Motorcycle Endorsement
  • Motorcycle Insurance Card/Motorcycle Registration
  • Required Riding Apparel for a GWRRA Rider Ed Event includes for both rider and corider if taking 2UP
    • Full fingered Gloves
    • Long Sleeves
    • Long Trousers
    • Over the Ankle Footwear
    • DOT, Snell or ECE certified Helmet
    • Protective Eyeware

When arriving please park in E1 Parking lot (see map below)  The Classroom portion of the training will be given in Adams Hall A203/207.  The Lot on the Bottom Right is the one we will hold the course on.

Start time will be 8 AM


Completed Registrations
4 Slots Remaining

  1. Ray Collier ----------------- Cruisin' U's
  2. Jim & Sue Jackson 2UP ------- Chapter M
  3. Pat Lapera ------------------ Cruisin' U's
  4. Terry & Marsha Glisson 2UP -- Chapter M
  5. Ken & Veronica Campbell 2UP - Chapter D
  6. Ron Landers ----------------- Chapter D
  7. Walt Sanders ---------------- Chapter Y
  8. Ron Alexander --------------- Chapter G
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Members and their Bikes

Members and their Bikes

Ray Collier - Motorcycle Museum
Howard Calhoun - Sweetheart Ride
Billy Stum - Motorist Awareness Day
Gary Morris - Motorist Awareness Day
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Next Monthly Gathering
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Cruisin' U's chapter gathering -- Golden Corral, Highway 231 On the circle, Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
October - 2016
1,  Sat-Carolyn York's Birthday
6,  Thu-Eileen Williamson's Birthday
 -Royce & rita Metcalf Anniversary
11,  Tue-Ellen Kovaces' Birthday
12,  Wed-Joe Smith Birthday
14,  Fri-Spencer & Joan Hall Anniversary
21,  Fri-Sue Hussey's Birthday
22,  Sat-David & Debra Downs Anniversary
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Safety Tips

Coping With The Cold
Street Survival
- Motorcycle Cruiser

writer: Evan Kay

For some folks, winter simply marks the end of daylight saving time. For many motorcyclists, though, it signals something far more important-the end of the riding season. But just because the days are short and the air is cold, it doesn't mean you have to stash the ol' scooter. With a little knowledge and the right combination of gear, you can feasibly ride year-round (except for those of you located in the icy, snowy, northern climes).

When it's cold, your primary goals should be to keep your body warm and to avoid hypothermia (which often means keeping a lid on perspiration, too). Hypothermia is a condition brought about by the body's temperature dropping lower than it needs to function normally. The initial symptoms include shivering, which can occur with as little as a 1.5-degree (Fahrenheit) decrease in body temperature. At this point, just stepping inside from the cold and getting something warm down your gullet usually is all it takes to recover.

But if your clothing gets damp (from either perspiration or the elements), it's a good idea to change into dry togs pronto-wet gear offers very little (if any) protection from the cold. Don't take wind chill for granted, either. As air moves past your body (either as wind or while you're riding through it), it causes greater loss of heat than would occur with no air movement. In other words, wind makes conditions feel colder than they are (most of the chilling effect occurs by 30 mph).

Fortunately, the right gear can mitigate potential riding misery. For protection from the cold, the wind and the rain, consider the following:

Helmet: A lid offers insulation as well as crash and wind protection. If it's downright frigid outside, add a balaclava with thin, insulating material on the head (so it's easier to slip on a helmet) and thicker insulation around the neck.

Base Layer: This is the layer of clothing closest to your skin that keeps you comfortable (and, ideally, wicks away moisture). There is a variety of fabrics to choose from-wool blends, silk, silk blends and various nylon and polypropylene materials-but there's only one rule: no cotton. Cotton can be wonderful in the summer, but in the winter, it retains moisture and dries slowly. Also, when choosing tops, pick one that claims to be odor resistant. You'll thank us later.

Mid-layer: This layer provides the bulk of the warmth, retaining body heat and letting perspiration escape. It's usually made of man-made fabric, like fleece, which comes in different weights for varied temperature ranges. Some of these garments even have their own windproof and/or waterproof/breathable membranes, making them suitable for wearing off the bike.

Outer Layer: This is where your jacket and riding pants come in. Think textile-despite leather's superior abrasion resistance, it's usually neither windproof nor waterproof, and thus not ideal for winter wear (unless, of course, it has a built-in windproof and waterproof barrier).

Gloves: Again, windproof and waterproof/breathable barriers are your friends, and a little insulation goes a long way, too. Extra glove liners will come in handy if it's really cold.

Boots: As with the gloves, jackets and pants, an included windproof and waterproof barrier is essential for riding comfort. And don't forget the synthetic socks! You can choose from a variety of motorcyclist-specific designs these days, and ski and snowboard socks work well, too. Additional liners can help keep things cozy and dry.

With the right wardrobe and a smart approach, it shouldn't be too difficult to get out of the garage and onto a backroad for a comfortable winter ride. If the temperature starts to warm up, you can always stop and peel off a layer; if you're really cold-blooded, there's hope, in the form of our buyer's guide to electrically heated riding gear in this issue's BTL section.

From the February 2008 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine.

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